Fashion Scavenger Hunt Starts Now!

Shop Goldyn has hidden 400 tickets good for discounts throughout the city

Online boutique Shop Goldyn has scattered 400 of "Goldyn tickets" across venues throughout city, all of them good for clothing, merchandise, and more -- with three worth a $250 spree and one grand prize ticket worth $500.

To find the tickets, just follow the clues on Goldyn's Twitter page every day -- today's first clue, for example, is "Midtown's best beauty and spa destination whose name is eponymous with a top fashion magazine." Come on, friends, a little bit of Googling could solve that one.

Goldyn stocks a truly impressive selection of on-trend designers -- from Kain slouchy tees to studded Rebecca Minkoff bags to Madison Marcus dresses -- so there's no chance these discounts would be going to waste. Personally, we're on the hunt to try and get these ridiculously chic Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent flats for, like, nothing.

Remember, the hunt's only on through July 27, so get looking!

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