Fall Tracking Report: Seymour Burton 2.0


Seymour Burton 2.0, 511 East 5th St., 212-260-1333
Initial Projection: September
Current Debut Projection: Late October
Odds, On Time Arrival: 5-1
Eater Projected Opening Date: Post-Thanksgiving

The road for Seymour Burton has been neither smooth nor predictable. Their surprise success came even while the two owners held down day jobs, even with the space in a constant state of upheaval. Then came a serious DOH'ing which led to the shutter of the restaurant and the departure of one of its owners. Remaining owner Adam Cohn told everyone he'd be back, in September, with a revamped space, a new menu.

And while Cohn has returned with a new partner—Black Iron Burger Shop and the E.U.'s Jason Hennings— great prospects for a new liquor license, and a lovely new concept (East Coast seafood with a raw bar), the space is still in disarray. A tipster sends in the above photo, taken over the weekend: "Snapped a few shots of the interior work at Seymour Burton yesterday....based on what I saw, a late October opening for the SBII seems awfully ambitious." We might have to agree here. Knowing the history of the place, the daily commitments of Cohn, and the challenges he and Hennings may face to get the final go-ahead from both the DOH and the DOB, we'd be happy, but surprised, if they could pull the trigger on this before the holidays.
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