Fall Tracking Report: More on Shake Shack UWS


Shake Shack UWS, 366 Columbus Ave., no phone yet
Initial Projection: October
Current Debut Projection: The latest from USHG, "Mid-October"
Odds, On Time Arrival: 2-1
Eater Projected Opening Date: 10/25/08

After our Friday Fall Tracking Report on the Upper West Side Shake Shack, we learned some vital new info from managing partner Randy Garutti. Let's just say a root beer tap, a "C" line, and something called the Shake Shiraz are involved. We'll break it down:

On the Design: We'll let Randy explain this one: "When we decided to do a second Shack, we knew it had to be 'of it's place.' This one is set to fit inside an 1890s old tenement building and relate to the Upper West Side. So we have the original brick columns and steel columns and left them as is. We took some of the common elements of the Shack and used them but we tailored them to the space."

The Physical Space: An enclosed sidewalk cafe (enclosed in glass but every other door opens) seats around 35. The main dining room seats around 30-35, as does the downstairs dining room.

The Line: Because the kitchen is 1.5 times the size of the downtown kitchen, the line is expected to move faster. Also, because of the extra space, they will be able to have one line devoted to all cold items, not just plain custard with toppings. That means all concretes, milkshakes, drinks, the works. They will call this line...The C line. There will be no B line.

New Offerings: The food menu will be exactly the same with the exception of a new line of concretes, named after the Upper West Side. However the drinks menu will be something else entirely. There will be one beer tap devoted to seasonal local beer and one tap for Shackmeister—beer brewed just for the Shack—along with all of their other usual beer offerings. There will be a root beer tap. We repeat, a root beer tap. Coming soon, but not in time for the opening, Shack Chard and Shack Shiraz.

State of Construction: Randy tells us they are about a week and a half away from completion but will have to wait on Con Ed and the city inspectors before they can open the doors. Stay tuned for more.
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