Fall Tracking: 10 Downing Still Mired in Delays

It's about time to check in on a favorite little fall opening, 10 Downing. In the running for the title for the most epically delayed restaurant opening in recent memory, the space was originally set to debut last November. At first it was the usual construction delays, then came the chef shuffle, and later an issue with the gas. More recently, we heard there were some zoning problems, but co-owner Stephane Dorian sets us straight: it's all a comical battle with the red tape of the DOB. Take it away Steph:

"We've had to have inspection after inspection. I don't really know what's going on with the DOB. The red tape and the time that it takes seems pretty outrageous these days. We have gas, the Health Dept.'s been down there. The plumbing has been inspected and re-inspected, and every time, they don't clear the old comments. So every time we call them to clear things up they schedule yet another inspection.

...Seeing how vigilant and aggressive they're being, we don't want to go and open and have to deal with them again. They're shutting down restaurants like Employees Only...You start taking it personally and feeling paranoid."

So, in all, it's a mess. It took them three inspections just to have sprinklers approved, and they've received violations for public assembly before even opening. But Dorian tells us if they pass their next plumbing inspection, they should be ready to go: "We're sitting on a built restaurant ready to roll. I'm going to go through my fourth round of staff, two of which were fully trained with tastings and wine training and everything...It's not a fun way to start." No, it doesn't exactly bode well for a smooth opening. Wondering how long Neroni has signed on for.
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