Exclusive Photos Show Devastation From Church Fire

Pews covered in ashen debris. Soaring arches charred black. Daylight pouring in where a roof once stood. These are just a few of the signs of destruction depicted in photos obtained exclusively by NBC 4 New York from inside First Presbyterian Church hours after a intense blaze gutted the 146-year-old Victorian Gothic structure in Englewood, New Jersey. glewood, NJ left this church in devastating condition.

6 photos
Provided to NBC 4 New York
The inside of the church is covered with burnt wood and debris. Above, the wooded roof is open to the sky and the structure barely stands.
Provided to NBC 4 New York
Water streams down as burned wooden beams lay on the pews. The church's brick walls and wooden pillars are visibly blackened and electrical wires hang from the ceiling.
Provided to NBC 4 New York
Bits of the church's wall have been torn away, the pew seat cushions are destroyed, and the floor is laden with pieces of the ceiling.
Provided to NBC 4 New York
These massive pillars still stand despite the church's crumbling interior and exterior.
Provided to NBC 4 New York
A shot through one of the church's shattered windows, looking into the fire damage.
Provided to NBC 4 New York
A firefighter kneels amid the devastating remains, burnt rubble surrounds him and light pours in a shattered stain glass window.
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