L.E.S. Butcher’s $10 Gourmet Recession Dinners

L.E.S. Butcher's $10 Gourmet Recession Dinners

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Prepare to have your cockles seriously warmed: After watching some of his regular customers struggle to scrape together coins to pay for their goods, Lower East Side butcher Jeffrey Ruhalter got together with other food providers to organize Jeffrey's Recession Dinners. For just $10, 115 couples who are unemployed or face losing their home will enjoy a blowout meal including gourmet cheeses, high-end cupcakes and strip steak from his own Jeffrey's Meat Market on Essex Street.

Ruhalter, a fourth-generation Lower East Side butcher, says his grandfather gave away meat to needy neighbors during the Great Depression. As he told the Daily News, he's just carrying on the tradition.

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