Epic Lineblog: Waiting on Prada

Today, with elbows sharpened, we face the intense dealhunt otherwise known as the Prada sale taking place through Friday at a remote location on 609 W 51st Street. A Racked correspondent is on the scene, so prepare yourselves. It's going to be a wild ride.

8:33am: I'm here! The girls who are first in line arrived at 6:30am. There is a BITTER wind coming off the river. Forgot how cold it gets over here. Line is the length of the whole block between Eleventh and Twelfth Avenues.

8:48am: Pretty quiet over here. Nothing's happening yet. The line now extends around the corner.

8:55am: Girls in front of me were just talking about a friend who wore Prada shoes to another sale. She took them off to try something on, and another shopper snagged them.

8:56am: The crowd here is heavily female. Lots of cute coats. Everyone seems cold.
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