Emergency Management Has Sent You a Friend Request

City agency now on Facebook

If the incessant fear-mongering on talk radio and cable news doesn't have you edgy enough, now you can get updates on your Facebook wall from your friends at the Office of Emergency Management.

The city agency planted its flag on Facebook with a video starring ex-Met third baseman Howard Johnson exhorting New Yorkers to hit an emergency preparedness home run. After a flurry of activity over the first few days, the OEM has settled into making weekly posts with a "Tip of the Week."

“If Facebook is where New Yorkers are looking for information, O.E.M. needs to be there with answers,” OEM commissioner Joseph F. Bruno told The New York Times.

And it goes without saying that the site is thrilled to be helping to keep New Yorkers safe.

“O.E.M.’s use of technology to serve the citizens of New York City is an excellent example for other cities and emergency management organizations to follow,” said Chris Kelly, chief privacy officer and head of global public policy for Facebook. “We’re very pleased that Facebook can play a role in keeping New Yorkers informed and safe.”

And if Facebook isn't your thing, you can always get updates via the OEM Twitter feed, which was christened Monday with a tip encouraging you to Keep Your Cool During Summer Heat..

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