EaterWire: The Carmine’s Cookbook, Korhogo 126 Makes a Return, and a savory Wafels & Dinges


COLUMBIA WATERFRONTKorhogo 126 the Union Street African restaurant that opened to a modicum of buzz and positive reviews and was then seized is introducing a new menu to celebrate the reopening: "Come and check our new bistro menu....cheaper food and cheaper wine...Soupe du Jour is $5, our Escargots Kejenou, Korhogo salad $7, Korhogo burger $10, Seafood Stew $18 and Roasted Chicken $14..." and on and on. They're open Fri - Sun 5 - 11:30. [EaterWire]

MIDTOWN— Midtown Lunch notices the Wafels & Dinges truck has made some interesting additions to the menu: "We’re on 45th between 6th and 7th today. Today we have a LUNCH SPECIAL: Smoked Pulled Pork BBQ on a waffle with coleslaw and sweet BBQ sauce.” [ML]

TIMES SQUARE—On Tuesday evening everyone's favorite tourist trap/family style red sauce Italian joint Carmine's (Theatre District) packed a full house to celebrate the release of their "Carmine's Family-Style Cookbook," written by founding Carmines Chef, Michael Ronis, and cookbook aficionado, Mary Goodbody. The evening served up family style dishes straight from the new cookbook, including their famous spicy meatballs, baked clams, and Gorgonzola stuffed figs. [EaterWire]
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