EaterWire: Rachael Getting Naughty, Carr on Fatty Crab, Bella’s Now Southside, and More

Olga Sandoval

RACHAEL RAY— HuffPo has an amazing creepily suggestive video of Rachael Ray stroking—or de-silking—some corn on the cob. Warning: it is just as vaguely pornographic as you're imagining. [HP]

MIDTOWN— Midtown Lunch checks in on the much delayed Obika: the plywood has finally come down, meaning we can begin to hope they'll actually open soon. [ML]

SOHO— Grub Street has an update on the space below Bar Martignetti, formerly known as Bella's, now renamed Southside: "Martignetti describes the joint as a 'private club without the membership policy, a high-class establishment without the pretentiousness, where you know everyone in the room.' Expect chestnut tables lined with brass, banquettes with built-in subwoofers, a central D.J. booth surrounded by tables, a tin ceiling, black mirrors, black subway tiles, and tropical wallpaper." [GS]

WEST VILLAGE— Daily Intel talks to former druggies and longtime friends Tom Arnold and Dave Carr. A major focus of the Q&A is food: "Tom Arnold: I'm on a cleanse so ….We ate at Bar Americain. He ordered what I wanted to eat, so I just ate it. David Carr: Yeah, he ate my cheese grits. My wife and I just got back from Fatty Crab. My God. The short ribs and curry. Amazing. The pork buns. Amazing. Some greens. You can get high off food. Just not as high." [Daily Intel]

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