EaterWire: Petraske in LA, Crave on 42nd Shutters, Rants, and More

NEW YORK CITY— Guest blogger and bartender Rick Blaine rants about the neighborhood crackpots: "A lot of these haters are delusional, viewing themselves as crusaders and community activists. Most will not consider any compromise; they think just because somebody has a business that they’re rich (hardly the case in most instances), and they try to get others on board with them using any type of misinformation possible...The Bar Haters almost all of the time go to their local Community Board’s SLA Committee and get their support without any type of investigation." [TFB]

MIDTOWN— As suspected the other week when it came out that Top Chef alum Dave Martin had left the restaurant, Crave on 42nd has closed. [GS]

LOS ANGELES— Eater LA has some new details on Sasha Petraske's upcoming LA project: "Petraske and Eric Alperin have partnered with Cedd Moses to open The Varnish, a "back room" speakeasy at Cole's....Alperin used to work with Petraske at Milk & Honey in NY...Alperin didn't give too many details about Varnish except that it won't be private like M&H and should open in December." [~ELA~]

HARLEM— Today Crain's has a bit of a heart breaker on bankrupt mom-and-pop MoBay Uptown: "'We’ve seen some tough times, but this is the toughest,' Ms. Barnes said...MoBay’s dinner traffic started to slow down in August and fell off sharply when the market dropped in September, Ms. Barnes said. 'It’s the young folks in Harlem—all the Wall Streeters got laid off.'" [Crain's]For more stories from Eater, go to

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