EaterWire: Lee on his Departure, Hills at Il Bastardo, Franklin Park Expands

MIDTOWNChristopher Lee on why he's leaving Gilt for Aureole: "You’re basically just a restaurant chef for a hotel — you’re only going to make so much because you have to be in the budget of a hotel. But if you get involved in a profit-sharing thing or more than one venture with someone, you’re looking at progression in life." [GS]

CROWN HEIGHTS— Some expansion news from the tipline: "Hey just wanted to let you know that Franklin Park is opening an Annex next door from the Beer Garden in Crown Heights. They will have signature cocktails, Dj on the weekend, a Fussball tanle, Darts. It will open this Friday starting at at ten with DJ kool kear.." [EaterWire]

REALITY TV— File Under Restaurateur/Male Model Cameos: On Monday night's episode of The Hills, Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port made a trip to New York where they hung out at Chelsea Italian spot Il Bastardo with partner Adam Senn (who is also a male model). [EaterWire]For more stories from Eater, go to

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