EaterWire: L'Asso's Pizza Guide, BBurg's Pizza Place/Knife Shop, and More

NOLITA— Watch out Slice—pizza places are now getting into the editorial game. Nolita pizza joint L'asso is launching the "L'Asso Pizza Guide" as an insert in the October 9th Onion (and are even throwing a launch party for it). Sadly, it's not satire, though we're hoping it will offer a little more than mere advertising space for the restaurant. They promise the guide will be a "humorous and informational guide to pizza– from its humble beginnings in ancient times to its current incarnation as one of the world’s favorite foods." [EaterWire]

WILLAMSBURG— The above knives can be found at Williamsburg's $1 slice joint Eden. According to a tipster and Eden regular, one of the workers sells them on the side and notes they're perfectly legal. Just something to keep in mind. [EaterWire]

FLATIRONRebecca Charles' commute to her Pearl Oyster bar may increase in the near future. According to public records, she just closed on a two-bedroom $2.425 million apartment on West 17th Street. Cityfile has the floor plan. [Cityfile]

EAST VILLAGE— The Examiner gets a little more info on Colin Alevras' three new upcoming projects. La Otra will have more seafood than the typical Cuban joint, Nightcap, the bar above La Otra, will serve his small plates, and Permanent Brunch will "feel like 2pm on a Sunday in New York all the time" and will have the "quintessential brunch playlist." [Examiner]For more stories from Eater, go to

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