EaterWire: Election Freebie Reminder, Palmer on Giuliani, A Rare Mrs. Colicchio Public Appearance, and More

MIDTOWN— Last night Absolut and artist/chef Jim Denevan hosted a rooftop dinner at Rock Center for "100 distinguished New Yorkers at the forefront of the city's green movement." The point of the dinner was to gather farmers, chefs, and activists to discuss urban agriculture and eat a meal made from food entirely grown and raised in the five boroughs. Naturally, the Colicchio was there. [EaterWire]

FREEBIES— Quick election day reminder: you can still get free goodies at Ben & Jerry's (until 8 p.m.), Starbucks and Krispy Kreme. [EaterWire]

LOWER EAST SIDE— Some shutter news from the LES: "Bagels & Pizza had been there for 14 years. They closed for business after Sunday's shift, and yesterday at 3pm they auctioned of their equipment...It was hard work, and the neighborhood changed he told me, it just isn't profitable anymore." [NYC The Blog via GS]

UPPER EAST SIDE— Blackbook has an interesting chat with Charlie Palmer about opening Aureole into a terrible economy in the 80's, his foray into Vegas, and most entertainingly, his love for Giuliani: "Before Giuliani was elected, we would have people come out of our restaurant and I would literally have to have them escorted to The Pierre because they could possibly get mugged...A couple from Texas walked out one night and got mugged on the corner of Madison and 61st Street...I’m a businessman in New York. I had garbage guys that were shaking me down for years—Giuliani put ‘em all in jail!" [BB]For more stories from Eater, go to

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