EaterWire: An Early Look at Tom: Tuesday Dinner, Terry Richardson and Delicatessen, A new Iron Chef Host

LAUNCHES & RELEASES— Food & Wine launches their new site today. There isn't a huge change aesthetically, but you may notice some significant organizational tweaks. [F&W]

GRAMERCY— Forbes has an opening night review of Tom Colicchio's Tom: Tuesday Dinner: "At Tom: Tuesday Dinner, Colicchio is clearly making room for artistry in his cooking again...When it was over, Colicchio, who confessed to some serious jitters beforehand...went to the bar and collapsed against the wall. 'My back is killing me,' he said. 'I'd forgotten how tiring it can be to stand on your feet for so long.'" [Forbes]

SOHO— The long promised Delicatessen menus featuring photos by Terry Richardson have just arrived. Each cover has a compilation of photos he took of guests at the opening. See them here. [VF]

IRON CHEF— According to a post on Shecky's, mixologist Alex Ott is going to be the next host of Iron Chef. We're not sure anyone can beat Alton Brown at this gig so we'll wait for the official confirm. [Shecky's]For more stories from Eater, go to

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