EaterWire: A Look at Madam Geneva, Jean-Georges' Tribute, and Emeril's new Gig

Disgrace: the awesome old signage above Double Crown, being destroyed on Sat afternoon. The "Lounge" sign is down the street at the new Manahatta

NOHO— Down by the Hipster has the first thoughts on the newly opened Madam Geneva, adjacent to Double Crown: "We found a beautifully design space, very intimate with plenty of seats at the bar and 5 or 6 couches with rounded ends for groups...We saddled up to the bar and perused the cocktail menu, finding a few reds, a few whites, some choice beers and just 3 cocktails featuring jam...the Madam fashions herself as a local spot to enjoy cocktails into the wee hours. No list. No BS. Nice work by the AvroKo team." [DBTH]

MIDTOWN WEST— During the month of October Jean-Georges in New York, Jean Jojo in Chicago, and Hubert Keller in San Francisco will pay tribute to their mentor Paul Haeberlin by serving Haeberlin’s signature Salmon Soufflé dish in their restaurants. The three chefs all trained under Haeberling at his three-star Michelin restaurant L'Auberge. [EaterWire]

CELEB CHEFDOM—Emeril has a new product to shill for and it has absolutely nothing to do with food: "Crest Whitening Expressions needs a fresh, clean catchphrase, so who better to reel in video submissions with ideas than the Catchphrase King. Emeril Bam! Lagasse. Who cares if his teeth are white (not enough close-ups in this ad to say for sure) or if he actually uses Crest..." [SE]

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