EaterWire: New “International” BBQ Chain, Ponzi Scheme Hits Food World

EUROPE— New details have emerged regarding the upcoming Adam Perry Lang/Jamie Oliver partnership. They're opening, get this, a chain of "international barbecues" across Europe. From Perry Lang's statement: "We haven’t settled on a name yet, however we’ll be showcasing international barbecue centered around live coal and wood fire...It’s not Southern-style BBQ, but will serve meat prepared from various international cooking styles such as Brazilian churrasco and even touch upon Mid-evil Cauldron cooking.." [TFB]

LITTLE ITALY— Grub Street reports that Studio B, the ill-fated Dolce Vita space, Porky's, Peter's on the Upper East Side, and Movida are up for sale. [GS]

PONZI WIRE— We finally hear about the effects the Madoff ponzi scheme will have on the food world: "The Fair Food Foundation, which was established less than a year ago to improve food access and support urban agriculture in Detroit and the San Francisco Bay area, announced today that it was shutting down because its money was handled by Bernard L. Madoff..." [Diner's Journal]

LAUNCHES AND RELEASES— Yet another food-related site launches. This one, I Must Eat seems to combine the functions of Menupages, OpenTable, and SeamlessWeb, allowing users to search restaurants in their area, make online reservations, and book tables. [EaterWire]For more stories from Eater, go to

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