Eater Giveaways: The Daily Achatz

Welcome to the Daily Achatz, a regular dose of submissions from our ticket giveaway for Grant Achatz's book party/tasting event at Astor Center on November 6. If you want to play, submit a rhyming poem about the great chef to by the end of the day.


Think of the things I could eat
If Mr. Achatz I could meet:

Frozen avocado puffs over teriyaki broth,
Candied cilantro lollipops and fricasseed sloth,

Smoked tofu whipped with air,
With a side of fried pear!

I would be glorious, weird, orgasmic and more,
But alas I cannot go, because I am poor.

What's this you say, a ticket is free?
And all you must see is a poem made by me?

I think I can do it, it doesn't seem so hard.
The people I know tell me I'm quite a card.

Ok let's think….a poem about food. Well, being so hungry has put me in the mood.

But it's hard to write this poem!
I mean what rhymes with foam?

Fine, I give up, oh woe is me.
I'll never eat frozen cheese topped with braised lychee.

I can't write this poem, I guess I'll never have fun.
Wait…what..huh? I guess it's already done.

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