Bikini Bar Gets Busted

Those of you hoping to escape the wintry mix with a visit to Chelsea's bikini bar, Deno's Party House, might want to rethink those plans. The place has been shuttered for the time being by the NYPD. [EaterWire] Evidenced by a couple of blown up photos by one of the food stalls, Jamie Oliver made a trip to the Roosevelt Food Court for his upcoming American TV show: "As you can see, the boy chef had to resort to gesturing to get his point across, which happens here a lot. Turns that Oliver was learning how to make the classic Sichuan snack dan dan mian..." [TFB] The recession is taking its toll on the Food Bank for New York City. Their food donations are down 24%, direct mailing donations are down 14%, and the number of visitors has risen: "'Our shelves are empty,' said Gregory Boroff, the food bank's vice president for external relations. 'I've been here for seven years and I've never seen it like this.'" [NYO via GS] This is no big shocker given the Greenpoint place is on the market, but Gothamist reports that Studio B will close for good after their New Years Eve and New Years Day parties. [Gothamist]For more stories from Eater, go to

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