Drying of NYC: Has Death & Co. Lost Its Lease?

[Kalina, 1/14/07.]

EAST VILLAGEDeath & Co., the swank speakeasy chronically menaced by its neighbors and, therefore, Community Board 2, may have a new problem. If this bit of intel, just into the Eater news room, rings true, the bar is now on the clock at its current East 6th St. location:

hey, so this might be something for you.

the guy that lives above death & co. is crazy and hate them. he's been complaining apparently since day 1, calls the cops and has actually hired a private investigator to "test" the noise levels they've been closing around 1 every night which i thought was strange. and then two nights ago there was paper work outside this guys apartment just laying out in the open and it was from Death and Co. saying his actions unfairly led to the termination of their lease the date of termination was July 31st but i didn't catch the year.

i just find this all hilarious because the guy who lives above them, is completely ridiculous and sings these creepy, moany type tunes at odd hours of the night, really loudly and being a frequent guest of the apartment above him, i have to say...it's way more annoying than the noise from death and co.

Dave Kaplan, can you hear us in the back? Drop us a line and give us the what's what.
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