Drinks on the House!

Ladies and gents, you no longer have to suffer through a bumbling conversation with someone who hits on you at a bar in order to get a free drink.

In fact, you can offer anyone a free one – and you don’t have to pay anything (or sleep with anyone) to get it.

This is no joke. A new Web site tells you which bars are offering free drinks around the city every night. Just go to MyOpenBar.com.

It’s got everything – free booze listings for every night of the week, user reviews and ratings and even an e-mail list that you can subscribe to so all the great info comes directly to your inbox. 

You can also get info on rock and art shows around the city and check out galleries from fun parties that you totally would have been at if you had checked out this site earlier.

Two guys from Williamsburg founded the site in 2005 because they wanted to make it real easy for thirsty, hip New Yorkers to find open bar events every day of the week. You can follow the group on Twitter, too. And if you know of anything going on that these folks don’t, you’re welcome to submit an event listing.

Oh, and if you’re headed on vacation to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, or, heck, even Honolulu, MyOpenBar.com has local sites for those hotspots as well.

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