Drink in the Sunshine: A Primer

Summer is for, if nothing else, drinking. Warm weather inspires a wide array of drinking-related activities: picnics, Bar-B-Qs, baseball games, visiting your parents. Even cycling, according to Bicycling magazine, is better when accompanied by the proper brew.

But nothing pairs with warm weather quite like a gin julep or a dark n’ stormy. The infiltration of classic cocktail joints like Little Branch, Hotel Delmano and Employees Only have brought a renewed appreciation for the art of the cocktail. But you don’t have to have a mustache, wear a lab coat or be willing to pay $16 a glass to enjoy a delicious summer drink. The New York Times breaks down to their very core an exhaustive list of classic concoctions and proves that drinks don’t have to be fancy or complicated, but do require a little extra effort, and more importantly, the right ingredients. It's ain't all blenders and margarita mix, after all. There's basil, agave nector, chilis, ginger and melons.

First, stock up with plenty of lemons and limes, make some decent ice cubes and take a minute to boil sugar and water for simple syrup. The sit by the window and hope it stops raining.

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