Drink Deals, Anyone?

Wanna drink for (almost) free?

In a sea of layoffs, bad economic news, ponzi schemes and other financial meltdowns, many who would once burn through a night at a West Village lounge might start considering an evening at home with two-buck chuck.  But if you’re still looking to keep your drinking social, then check out  http://nyc.myopenbar.com.  It’s a roundup of the best drink deals around NYC, started by two careful researchers -- otherwise known as out-of-work Brooklyn musicians.

With 50,000 subscribers and watering-hole roundups for other cities, including L.A., Miami, San Francisco, Chicago and Honolulu, myopenbar.com shows that happy-hour hookups aren't just for college kids – or even the out of work.  Anyone looking to tighten their belt (but open their gullet) is sure to find a good deal -- and maybe some new drinking friends in the process.

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