Dori’s Quest: My Month of FITiST

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A common question among many fitness-loving -- or fitness-curious -- New Yorkers is: Which studio or gym should I join?

FITiST provides an answer to that question.

You might remember back in May when a few GO Healthy NY contributors and I attended the launch event for FITiST.

What is FITiST?

In their own words:

“Somewhere along the way we discovered that working out is a lot more effective – and more fun – when you mix it up. The experts call it ‘muscle confusion.’ The problem was we couldn’t find good advice on how to mix and with what. So we found our own experts to create workout plans, partnered with NYC’s premiere classes, programs and studios to ensure the best experience. Then we put it all together on a one-stop website where you can choose the right plan, book classes and manage your schedule.”

Instead of committing to a boutique studio with just one type of class, or one gym where you might not know what to do, you get the best of everything at FITiST. FITiST members can choose classes from a number of highly specialized fitness studios.

FITiST offers a variety of plans based on your needs -- Bride, Mom-to-Be, 26.2, Slim and more. FITiSTs can choose one of these expert-designed plans, work with a FITiST professionals or create a personalized plan.

I tried the Rookie plan, which includes six classes over the course of one month: two Core/Pilates, two Cycle and two Yoga. 

As tempting as it was to retake classes at FITiST partner studios – FlyBarre and The Bari Studio to name a couple – I made it a point to try new-to-me studios for this trial. The only exception was FlyWheel, which was the only Cycle option available at FITiST -- not that I’m complaining!

Open Yoga at Yogamaya and Vinyasa at New York Yoga


Fly 45 at FlyWheel Sports (x2)

TRX Suspension at PhysicalMind Studio and Pilates Mat at Kinected

I love the concept of FITiST, and many people will likely benefit from such a great variety of classes. Yet, there are many great studios partnered with FITist and because I was limited to a one-month trial, I only got to try a few, and they were not based only on interest. I had to consider my schedule, my injury and my marathon training plan when making my selections. This program would be most effective over a longer period of time where you could try out all the FITiST offerings, determine which you like best and then establish a fitness plan for your needs.

FITiST can be pricey; the Basic plan costs $150 a month for six classes. While $25 a class is not a terrible price for New York City, dedicated studios usually offer a monthly-unlimited option, which drives the per-class cost down. If you can find one studio you love with an all-encompassing workout (like Refine Method) or a studio with a great variety of classes (like Exhale Spa), it’s easier to get your money’s worth. But if you want to try a variety of studios or you’re indecisive or you want an extremely well-rounded fitness regime with the help of experts to help you achieve your goals, FITiST is for you.

As they grow and partner with more studios – they already added more great ones since my trial -- the program will become even more robust, more worth the price and ultimately more appealing.

Dori Manela is a writer, content manager and social media consultant. Raised in Queens, Dori now lives in Manhattan, taking as many exercise classes in NYC as possible in search of the perfect workout. She started Dori's Shiny Blog in November 2007. As her passion for fitness grew, DSB turned into a health & fitness blog. With the help of her favorite social networking site Twitter, Dori has connected with other bloggers, boutique fitness studios, companies and readers to share her love of working out.

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