Don't Throw That Coat Away!

In tough times like these, when you realize you might not be able to buy that new winter coat (even on sale, sigh) you'd been eyeing all season, it can be hard to remember that there are those less fortunate than you. (God, that sounded selfish. But New Yorkers can be really selfish.) But as the temperature dropped this week and we all realized that we might have to, like, continue wearing these heavy layers all winter (it's slightly claustrophobic, isn't it?), we also realized how much it must suck not to have any coat at all—let alone last season's selection. Leave it to cozy-and-charming West Village boutique Mick Margo to bring us to our senses to host a season-long coat drive with New York Cares. From now 'til December 31st, you can bring your old winter goods to the shop and trust the ladies to ferry it safely to those even needier than yourself. (And let's face it, you're not even really that needy.)

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