Dolce & Gabbana PR Director Spends Night in Jail

Ali Wise was arrested on hacking charges Monday night

Interesting little item in The Post this morning: Apparently Dolce & Gabbana public relations director Ali Wise spent Monday night behind bars after she was arrested on "felony computer-hacking charges." Frankly, we're both shocked and impressed -- to look at the sexy blond, you wouldn't leap to the conclusion that she was possessed of, say, high-level computer skills.

According to the NYPD (via The Post), Wise was arrested for using a "computer to unlawfully engage in wiretapping, for eavesdropping, and for computer trespassing to commit felony." Now, felony's a pretty serious charge, though this does sound like it could be as tame as logging into one of her frenemy's Facebook accounts to spread lies or post prankster newsfeed updates. Given the socialite's high-level friends (she partied with designers like Brian Atwood and celebrities like Kate Hudson at her birthday bash in June), it's entirely possible she picked the wrong Facebook friend to mess with.

Still, a night in jail is a night in jail, and here's hoping she wasn't wearing anything too fancy at the time of her arrest.

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