DOH Chronicles: Spitzer's Corner Taken Down

Spitzers, down, via Bowery Boogie

Lower East Side A tipster reports that LES bar and quasi restaurant Spitzer's Corner was hit by the dreaded DOH last night, and Bowery Boogie has the evidence to prove it:

"Much like our disgraced ex-governor, Spitzer's Corner is now out of commission. Yesterday, the Department of Health stopped by to officially shut down the underage hangout. Let's see how long this lasts. Neighbors, rejoice!"

Remember this isn't the first time in the last two months the Hell Square spot has been victim of the city' scrutiny. Just last month they were caught selling drinks to a minor who was working as an undercover informant for the police. If the health violations were serious, they could be out of commission for the upcoming weekend. So stay tuned from word from the DOH on what exactly Spitzer's was trying to get away with.
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