Does Park Slope Have Hidden Retail Gems?

Brownstoner called our attention to an ongoing discussion on the Brooklynian message board about the hidden gems of Park Slope. Most are culinary (or boozinary) in nature, but a couple stores have popped up:

"FabCo Shoes -- down on like 15th and 5th -- sometimes surprises with great style for like eight bucks."

"Also, has anyone mentioned clothing boutiques? I'm pretty frugal so i avoid all the nice boutiques with all the pretty unafforable clothing, but i discovered a sweet consignment shop called Meshimar on 7th avenue btwn 15th and 16th (similar to Beacon's closet, but not as hipster/vintage)."

"Sterling Place. Beautiful accessories, furniture, wine glasses etc for your home. 7 ave bet. 10 & 11 street."

"There is a spice store right near Brooklyn Superhero Supply, with excellent spices, coffees and teas from around the world, at great prices. I can't believe I forgot the name [it's PS Coffee & Tea], but my wife and I love that place!"

There have to be more than those, right? Is Park Slope lacking in hidden places to shop (as opposed to, say, the spotlight-friendly Bird)? Or is it simply lacking in boutiques, hidden or otherwise?
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