Do You Know What Your Beef Had For Dinner?

Two East Village Meateries Boast Grass-Fed Bovine

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It seems that not even East Village burger joints can resist jumping on the ethically, sustainably raised and locally-sourced band wagon.

This week, two such endeavors are opening on First Avenue. Tallgrass Burger between 12th and 13th will reportedly sell six different burgers all made from cattle fed on New York or Vermont grass and supplied by Hardwick Beef, a producer committed to raising hormone and steroid-free meat.

Further down First Ave at 6th street, Steak Shoppe, a reincarnation of Permanent Brunch is introducing a whole new buzzword into the crowded space of conscientious carnivory (much to the chagrin of certain meat bloggers): "Vintage beef." 

The Steak Shoppe promises that all of its meat (they serve more than just burgers by the way, including filet mignon, rib-eye and a whole slew of sides) comes from vegetarian or grass fed bovine (Which, as The Butcher Blog points out, is an important distinction) and further boasts -- and this is where "vintage" come in -- that it's "consortium of family-owned ranches" are "committed to raising natural beef to a higher level of purity."

Friday is National Hamburger Day, so it seems like perfect timing, but then again, they are going to have to compete with some pretty amazing specials, some of which include blends from New York's most beloved purveyor, Pat LaFrieda.

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