Dirty Projectors to DJ Museum of Natural History

If there's any place fitting for such a thing as a dirty projector, it would be a musty old institution such as the Museum of Natural History.

However, in its continued effort to stay current, New York's home to dinosaur skeletons and tribal dioramas is unleashing tickets to its first One Step Beyond party of 2012.

Brooklyn's indie art rockers the Dirty Projectors will helm the night behind the 1-2s, with booty-bounce help from Skinny Friedman and IMPORT/EXPORT.

Visuals will be helmed this time around by Glowing Images and Fuevoz with VJs SeeJ and Benton-C. Apparently, you can also check out Tom Hanks narrate a documentary in the Hayden Planetarium called Passport to the Universe. Might be a good place to take a load off.

In our experience, these parties can reach the astral plane. Tickets are $25 and include a future general admission ticket to the museum proper.

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