Diets From Around the World

With a country that has the most diets out on the market, why is the U.S. nearly the fattest? It's a combination of lack of exercise, desk jobs, huge portions and quick fixes, says New York City nutritionist Marlo Mittler.

So what are people in other countries eating to stay comparatively slender? Mittler outlines some popular diets around the world:

  • Japan
    The Morning Banana Diet
    Those on this diet eat 1 to 4 bananas in the morning -- they supposedly contain a resistant starch to keep you from eating throughout the day. You can't eat after 8 p.m. on this diet, and there's no dessert or dairy allowed. But in between, you can eat whatever you like.
  • Israel
    Ice Cube Diet
    Hoodia, a plant native to Israel, is chopped up and frozen in cubes with lemon, lime or pomegranate. The plant contains a P57 molecule that sends a signal to the brain that you're full. This is paired with a healthy diet consisting of chickpeas, almonds and other healthy food
  • France
    Dukan Diet
    There's a lot of protein in this diet. You're allowed two celebratory meals, and there's a period of stabilization. It's similar to the Atkins Diet.
  • Latin America
    Hot Latin Diet
    There are nine superfoods on this diet -- "things that really zap your palate," like tomatillos, cinnamon, cilantro. There are lots of flavors in this diet, and food is meant to be eaten in small portions.
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