Diesel Gets Down and Dirty with One-Day-Only Limited Edition Jeans

[Image via Catwalk Queen]

Say you're a denim company celebrating its thirtieth birthday. What's the best way to whip people into an absolute frenzy regarding your jeans? We'd say releasing a very special pair for only one day might do it, especially if the limited edition jeans are as appealingly pummeled as Diesel's Dirty Thirties. They'll go on sale October 10th and October 10th only, starting at 10 AM, at the Diesel stores in Union Square and 60th and Lexington. (You might also be able to find them at the Diesel Denim Gallery in SoHo; the salespeople there weren't sure yet). "People are expected to queue round the block," according to Catwalk Queen.

Bonus Diesel fun fact: Were you aware that when you call any of their NYC stores, the machine that answers says "Welcome to the Diesel planet"? We're pretty sure that's orbited by the Moon of G-Star Raw.
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