Diddy Really Does Want You to Get Home Safely on NYE

Some residents will get $15 debit cards for taxi rides home

See? He helps people.

That awkwardly funny Ciroc vodka PSA where Diddy puts two drunk babes who've been partying at his place all night in his chauffeured limo instead of letting them drive? It's kind of true: New Year's Eve in Chelsea and Times Square, Ciroc street teams are going to give drunk people $15 debit cards good for one cab ride. (But, uh, most of those drunkies are from Long Island and New Jersey, which is more than a $15 cab ride!)

In other news, Mia Farrow's daughter, Lark Previn, the first of many kids Mia adopted, has died at 35 after an undisclosed decade-long illness. Her Clinton Hill neighbors didn't even know she had a famous mom. Matt and Kevin Dillon have never missed a Christmas home with their parents. What good boys!

Cindy Adams runs psychics' predictions for 2009, including Raul Castro's visit to the White House, Hillary brokering talks between India and Pakistan, Andrew Cuomo getting Hillary's Senate seat, Jennifer and Angelina doing a movie together, and Madonna and A-Rod getting married. (That last one Cin rolls her eyes at, then says bye, kids, I'm going to New Hampshire for New Year's. Cin in New Hampshire? Can't see that.) Bill and Hillary went to the Philippe de Montebello exhibit at the Met. Ludacris did a good deed and footed the benefit bill for a NYC kids' charity that had been burgled. Sean Avery and fellow Ranger Brendan Shanahan drank (and maybe talked about fashion?) all night at Rose Bar. Frederick Fekkai was seen leaving a dentist's office on Christmas Day, which is wrong and weird.

Jay-Z and Damon Dash's breakup of their Roc-A-Fella records will be chronicled in a documentary by former Roc employee Choke No Joke. Donald Trump is angry and sad that CNBC's Rebecca Jarvis doesn't include in her bio that she was an Apprentice contestant, and wrote her to tell her so. David Letterman went grocery shopping in St. Barts, where apparently the high life goes on despite the recession. Tracey Ross, of SATC-with-melanin-and-laugh-track Girlfriends fame, has closed her Hollywood boutique because of the recession.

Heather Mills, the Paul McCartney ex whose last publicist called her a "calculating, pathological liar," has (sort of) new publicists, Joe Dolce and Davidson Goldin, who hopefully will say nice things about her. But Mills's former nanny is suing her, saying she had to spray-tan Mills's naked body and come to work at 7:30 a.m. to blow-dry Mills's hair. Maybe she had to clean out Mills's toenails, too, but had too much dignity to put that in the lawsuit. Jackson Browne's son Ethan remembers kissing Angelina Jolie's "succulent" lips in the 1995 movie Hackers. Well, Ethan, speaking of body parts, we don't know what you look like, unfortunately, but we can only hope your hair is as fetchingly straight and glossy as your father's used to be. Or maybe it still is. Cameron Diaz wants to stop shopping and smoking and start wearing a bra as her New Year's resolutions. Same here, Cam.

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