Development Du Jour Rental Special: Burg's 44 Berry

There's a wacky marketing campaign, too...

Location: 44 Berry Street, Williamsburg
Size: 42 rental apartments, communal roof deck
Prices: Press release touts rentals from $1,900 to $3,200/month, though website shows one rental as high as $3,760 for a 2BR
Architect: Ayuso Architecture
Developer: Cayuga Capital
Sales & Marketing:
Lowdown: In this era of nondo Brooklyn developments, it's almost refreshing to check in with a new rental building that planned to be rentals all along. Per our coverage from last year, the building is a former seltzer factory turned into "loft" rentals designed to let anywhere from one to four folks inhabit the brick-clad interiors. There's a wacky marketing campaign, too, seen in the gallery above and described thusly by's Dave Maundrell: "This message is something people can relate to and the hope is it is reassuring to the people in New York City in 2009, just as it was in a different era for the British." Mmhmm. Move-ins were said to start April 1; anyone taken a look around inside who'd like to let us know your take?

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