Details Emerge on D&G Publicist's Hacking Charges

The target of Wise's alleged spying is a local interior designer

Yesterday, Gawker got their hands on the criminal complaint filed against Dolce & Gabbana publicist Ali Wise -- which resulted in the socialite spending Monday night in jail -- revealing both the target of Wise's alleged hacking and a bit more backstory on the event.

It turns out, Wise was arrested for hacking into the voicemail of interior designer Nina Freudenberger using Spoofcard software (which lets you bypass the security features on someone else's voicemail). Freudenberger, also a rather fetching blond, is mostly known for her slightly off-kilter design aesthetic -- The Post did a feature on her back in 2008 where she admitted to spray painting a Louis XIV dresser and painting her studio a color called "Dead Salmon." Not only did Wise apparently admit to the alleged hacking at the time of her arrest, Gawker reports, but she also was "snooping" on Freudenberger for months back in 2008. The reason? The two have an ex-boyfriend in common, Downtown Records founder Josh Deutsch.

According to a Post source, "Ali has basically been targeting people who have been with Jason [Wise's other ex, Jason Pomeranc] and her ex-boyfriends."

What's more, the Post reports that there are other victims in Wise's little enterprise. The District Attorney's office may be looking at as many as "five or more other possible victim's of Wise's alleged hacking."

Memo to ladies who might have dated Ms. Wise's ex-boyfriends: Change your passcodes.

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