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While Lilo got belligerent with a deli owner, ate pizza shopping consignment in INA and dodged an on-coming vehicle by mere seconds last week in New York, we were mostly intrigued by the long strand of silver beads on her neck (if we're being honest...).  It's not often we're (publicly) dissecting Lilo's style choices, but when, well, one of our favorite local designer's pieces is caught dangling from her neck, we do (blush) get a little excited.

That necklace was by New York based, Mara Carrizo Scalise, whose line MCS Designs includes handmade accessories such as leather bags, leather home goods, and delicate gold and silver jewelry.

Mara began experimenting with her own designs doing her mandatory time in the industry as a stylist after leaving her homeland of Argentina. She's compelled to create "intentional fashion"- described to us by Carrizo Scalise as, "meaningful pieces, meant to be kept and passed on over time" (a novel idea, no?). 

We adore the handmade and one-of-a-kind quality of her bags and jewelry- kind of makes us fantasize about happening upon the perfect piece at a beach side market circa 1975.  And timely this venture is indeed, while we may (or may not) get a little tired of those monsterous retail chains and their continued expansion, the artisanal quality of truly handmade goods are definitely on the upswing, especially once you start making the rounds at impending fashion week to spot your handbag three times in the crowd.

MCS Design is sold at Maryam Nassir Zadeh located at 123 Norfolk Street between Rivington and Delancey in the Lower East Side.
or online here

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