Dept. of Public Safety: Checking the Ikea Recall Page

Ikea's product recall page isn't new, but we've become recently fascinated with it. On the site, staffers keep a list of items that, for one reason or another, should be returned to an Ikea store as soon as possible.

They also describe how customers may be injured by the faulty goods. Concerning the Parodi glass vase: "the base of Parodi vase broke for no apparent reason while the vase was being lifted. Seven customers worldwide sustained cuts and in five cases hospital treatment was required." Sheer customer stupidity seems to have landed the Lycksele sofa bed on the list: "customers have been injured when attempting to operate the folding mechanism by inserting their finger into the mechanism, contrary to the instructions for use provided." And then, there's the recall of Snuttig plush toys: "Seams may rip open exposing children to the plastic beads in the toy's arms and legs. If ingested, these beads may be inhaled into the child's lung and affect the lung function." Yikes. Frequent Ikea shoppers, you may want to give the page a complete look over.
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