Decisive Hunters Point South Showdown Coming in LIC

The humongous and controversial fight over the Hunters Point South development at the tip of Long Island City on Newtown Creek and the East River will be decided this week when the City Council votes on the 30-acre project. There's been a bitter fight both over the scale of development, but even more deeply about how the city is defining the "affordable" part of affordable housing. The problem for affordable housing advocates is that only families earning between $55,000 and $158,000 will be eligible for "affordable" units. But, uh, half the households in Queens report income less than that. Hunters Point will cost at least $222 million for land and infrastructure and $128 million in housing subsidies. The land will be rezoned for a 10-acre park, a school and towers containing 5,000 apartments. Sixty percent of the apartments would be set aside as "affordable housing," per the city's definition. The local community board approved the plan but said the city should cut subsidies for higher-income families and set aside apartments for truly low-income residents. For added laughs and chuckles, the City Council will vote on the Willets Point plan on Thursday. It's a big week
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