Dealbreakers for Dating NYC Foodies

Are you a vegan? Fan of Middle Eastern food? Order your steak well done? It may be hurting your dating chances. Yup.

Attention, picky eaters! Here's a possible reason he's just not that into you:

A question about food-related deal breakers on dates has set the comment boards aflamee over at food-in-the-50s blog Midtown Lunch. In no particular order, here are a few dining-related pet peeves New Yorkers confess would probably make them move on from a potential mate:

- ordering “salads wherever we go”
- being vegan
- complaining about carbs
- ordering beef teriyaki at Nobu
- refusing to eat street-cart food
- “not liking meat that comes on a bone”
- removing the dough from a bagel
- eating Middle Eastern food

Food snobbery, or simple recognition of romantic incompatibility? Read more over at Midtown Lunch.

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