DBGB, Blue Ribbon Join Dine Out for the Gulf Coast

Starting tonight through Saturday, restaurants nationwide will donate 10 percent of proceeds to aid the victims of the BP oil spill and a handful of them are in New York including two of Daniel Boulud's restaurants and two from Blue Ribbon. Macao Trading Co. expanded the special through June 17. See the full NYC schedule below; other restaurants are welcome to sign up.

* Print Restaurant-NYC (6/11) 10% of sales breakfast, lunch and dinner…yes you can eat there 3 times in one day!
* Macao Trading Co.-NYC (6/10-17)
* Michaels-NYC
* DBGB Kitchen and Bar-NYC(6/10-12)
* Bar Boulud-NYC(6/10-12)
* Blue Ribbon/Soho-NYC(6/10-12) 50% of The Royal Boil…yeah you right!
* Blue Ribbon/Brooklyn(6/10-12)…Ditto!


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