Meet David and the Moms!


David Ushery serves as Anchor for the weekend edition of “News 4 New York” and is also the host of “The Debrief with David Ushery” on New York Nonstop.  Ushery joined WNBC in 2003 from WABC-TV where he held various anchoring and reporting positions during his eleven-year tenure. His high profile reports included extensive coverage following the September 11th terrorist attacks, reports from Toronto and Africa on Pope John Paul II’s visits, and coverage of the Space Shuttle disaster. Ushery also reported extensively on Haiti, traveling to the island several times to cover the area’s political and economic climate.  Ushery is the recipient of a National Association of Black Journalists Award for his series of reports on children and violence and has also been honored by the Israeli Consulate for his dedicated reporting and commitment to the community.   Ushery graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Political Science. He currently resides in Manhattan with his wife and son.

Denise Albert is an award-winning journalist and television producer and a guilt-free workaholic mom of two boys.  Denise says she is a better mom because she works.  She is proud to say out loud that she hated being pregnant.   She loves business trips because those are the real vacations!  Denise really believes she can do it all and doesn't understand why so many moms feel like they can't.  She is active in everything and anything she feels passionate about is currently the co-chair of the parent association for her children’s school. 

Melissa Gerstein is the mother of three young children, ages 9, 5 and 20 months, who has built a career working in film, theater and television production. She is a former ballet dancer from the Midwest and a graduate of New York University.  Melissa is learning to cope with her guilt as a working mom and continues to search for balance as she juggles a busy household.  She is actively involved in her children’s schools and the community. Her favorite pastime with her kiddies is dancing and reading with them.  

Raina Seitel-Gittlin is an Emmy-award winning journalist who has profiled top leaders in entertainment, politics, sports and technology throughout her career at various networks including CNN and ABC News.  However, her greatest "production" remains her 3-year-old son. As her son rocks out on the drums, Raina can often be found playing the role of lead singer right beside him but Raina wonders if she should act as a supportive mom or push her little drummer boy's natural talents.  Raina's innate curiosity leads her to diligently research parenting issues before making decisions but truly believes there is nothing more accurate than a mother's instinct. This former dancer and avid animal lover can be found navigating the subway system with her son leading the way and her long-haired chihuahua by her side.

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