“Dating a Banker Anonymous” Was a Hoax, Times Admits

DABA girls made the whole thing up, says a contrite NYT

Stop the presses! Dating a Banker Anonymous -- the support group of women commiserating over the fact that the recession made their formerly awesome Wall Street mates all sullen and poverty-stricken and un-hot -- was a hoax after all.

We floated this theory back in January, but now the New York Times - who'd been so excited to introduce the DABA phenom to the world in their original 1/27 exclusive - is all contrite, hat in hand, and has tacked this addendum onto the article:

Editors' Note: February 25, 2009 An article on Jan. 28 about women who commiserated over dating Wall Street bankers caught in the financial crisis described a group they had formed, Dating a Banker Anonymous, as a support group. That is the name of their blog. Its creators originally told The Times that about 30 women had participated, but since publication, they have said that all involved were friends. Laney Crowell, one of the women who started the blog, said in the article that it was "very tongue in cheek;" she has since described it as a satire that embellishes true experiences for effect. Had the nature of the blog been made clear at the outset, the article would have described it accordingly, not as a support group.

But! The DABA six-figure book deal (the one it took them mere hours to land once the article swarmed the web) remains intact (only now it's being packaged as "humor"). Let's make sure we understand correctly: So, the DABA girls hatched a plan where they masqueraded as gold-diggers to get a book deal? Yep -- still gold-diggers.

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