Dap-Kings, Passion Pit, Buke & Gass to Play The Rock Lottery

What would it sound like if members of soul masters The Dap-Kings, dance-poppers Passion Pit, anime garage rockers Peelander-Z, buzz band Caveman and DIY folk duo Buke & Gass all formed a band together? We're not sure either, but we're all going to get about five chances for hear it for ourselves soon enough, as the second annual Brooklyn Rock Lottery will take place at the Knitting Factory on Nov. 19.

About 25 volunteers from various Brooklyn bands will meet at the Knitting Factory at the decidedly un-rock time of 10 a.m. that day. Each of the volunteers will be assigned, via lottery, to one of five bands. Those newly born groups will then hurry over to a practice space, as they'll have 12 hours to come up with a band name and three to five songs, with a strict one-cover-per-band rule. 

The event, which originated in Denton, Texas in 1997, will also feature Light Asylum, NAAM, North Highlands and a few other bands to be announced, and will benefit the local education outreach program World Savvy. It will also help members of a diverse and often fragmented music community get to know each other better and think outside of their genre.

"It sounds like a fun project. I'll get to work with people that I wouldn't normally get to work with," says Homer Steinwess, drummer for The Dap-Kings. "I enjoy meeting new musicians and creating new songs. The randomness of it is intriguing."

Tickets are available here

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