Dan Barber's Latest Love Affair With Fish

It's a shame that Dan Barber will miss collaborating with Massimo Bottura for Omnivore next month due to the Italian chef's cancellation, but per usual Barber keeps plenty busy seeking sustainable ways to make food taste good. Apparently, Spain is a hot bed of such activity. In the past, Barber championed ethical foie gras made on a Spanish farm where the geese run free and gorge naturally with the seasons. Barber’s latest concern, rightly so, is fish.

He spoke at an idea conference called TED in February about a Spanish fish farm that may reconcile our environmental and gastromic interests in the seas, and the nonprofit recently posted a video of his appearance online. Barber shared a partial transcript with CNN today. He begins “Oil-tainted seas, oxygen-deprived zones, overfishing, mercury poisoning ... these days, the search for safe and ethical seafood is enough to unnerve any pescetarian. For chefs, it doesn't just mean crossing another fish off our menus. The question has become how do we keep fish on the food chain?” Bonus: Learn more about the fish that tasted like chicken. [CNN]

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