Daily Deal: Summer Sale at Wink

A tipster in our own office alerted us to the incredible deals to be had a this New York-based chain -- up to 75 percent off labels like Gryphon, DKNY, Pencey, and Current/Elliott.

While our office source did confess she'd bought a dress by Lauren Conrad -- hey, some of her pieces are pretty cute! -- we hopped on Wink's website to see for ourselves and were pretty knocked out. A timeless mini-trench by Gryphon discounted 30 percent? Tons of charming Seychelles footwear for more than 50 percent off? Truly worth checking out. Personally, we're going for this Kova & T long blue dress -- it's so simple and sporty, and at $74, it's worth buying it just to wear for the next few hot-and-sticky weeks.

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