CurbedWire: Trump Soho Keeps Growing

SOHO—If there's ever a time to dust off the ol' graphic design skills, it's when dealing with Trump Soho. The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation sends us the above picture accompanied by this report into that whole extra floor business: "Last week it was revealed that the Department of Buildings (DOB) approved an additional, 43rd floor for the 454 ft. tall Trump SoHo 'Condo-Hotel.' However, a review by GVSHP of DOB's records shows that the developer has recently submitted permit applications referring to a 44th floor, one floor even higher than DOB already approved. GVSHP has written to DOB to express outrage over the approval of the 43rd floor, and questioning the new reference to a '44th floor.' We have urged DOB not to approve any additional height for the building, and to rescind the existing approvals." But those aren't the only shenanigans pertaining to the height of the Trump Soho.

It's interesting to note that the development's website mentions a "private residence club" called "Sohi" on the 46th floor. Also strange is that sample views are given to the 44th floor, yet a manual count from the artist's rendition shows 42 floors. Looks like Trump's up to his old trick of floor inflation (see Trump World Tower – 72 physical stories yet the units somehow go up to the 90th floor).

Like we said, it's gonna be HOOOOOGE. [CurbedWire Inbox]

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