CurbedWire: Managing the Hotel Ludlow, Open House NY

LOWER EAST SIDE—Some more details about the Hotel Ludlow, the recently-revealed tower going up right behind the luxury rental building The Ludlow (no relation) on, uh, Ludlow. A Curbed tipster forwards us a press release announcing Desires Hotels as the firm that will manage the boutique property. Some color: "The exterior design of the hotel respects the essence of the existing buildings on the block rising to an initial six stories high. The remaining 14 stories are set further back from the facade, which continues to create the same visual sense of scale on the narrow tree lined streets. Each of Hotel Ludlow’s 167 rooms and suites will pay homage to its chic, authentic neighbors with modern and minimalist decor, environmentally conscious finishes, and a contemporary, yet exceptionally intimate ambiance." [CurbedWire Inbox]

WEST VILLAGE—The Open House New York schedule reveal/RSVP mad dash kicks off around 8pm tonight, and Amy Langfield of NewYorkology writes in to let us know that we made a boo-boo. Apparently we were looking at last year's schedule when we mentioned that Charles Street's mini-Meier was going to be open to all comers: "As best as I recall, the mini-Meier building wasn't on this year's preview list. But it *was* on last year's OHNY list. I actually went to it during OHNY weekend and they only got permission to get people into the very tiny lobby, which wasn't quite complete." There is, however, a crazy awesome $500 Woolworth Building tour. Or you could check out these photos for free. [CurbedWire Inbox]For more stories from Curbed, go to

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