CurbedWire: Columbus Village Progress, Doing the DOB Shuffle

UWS—A special Curbed Correspondent sends photos to update the progress of 801 Amsterdam Avenue, the brother of 808 Columbus and assorted Columbus Village projects. This is the southeast corner of Amsterdam Avenue and 100th Street and it's been lumped in with the Columbus Village gang, despite the non-Columbus credentials. Anyway, things are rising, friends. [CurbedWire Staff]

EVERYWHERE#151;There are things happening at the Department of Buildings today meant to reassure us that things are going to stop falling on us and killing us. There is not, however, an Anti-Crane Collapse Division. Per DOB Commissioner Robert LiMandri "the reorganization, which will take effect next month, will shift experienced professionals into new leadership roles to ensure builders, developers and property owners follow construction safety standards and help better protect millions of New Yorkers." There's a new First Deputy Commissioner named Fatma Amer. Also, all the Borough Commissioners are being shuffled around to new boroughs. For instance, Brookyn's Magdi Mossad will go to Manhattan and the current Manhattan dude is getting a job called Acting Assistant Commissioner for Engineering and Safety Operations. [CurbedWire Inbox]For more stories from Curbed, go to

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