Wednesday PM Linkage: Weekly Food Edition

· Allegretti's 'wicked sense of indulgence' earns two stars from Bruni [NYT]
· Tom Colicchio's pricey Tom: Tuesday Dinner is 'pretty darn good' [Bloomberg]
· Platt does Downtown: star for Apiary, pan for Delicatessen [NYMag]
· Hey Todd English: Where's the kidney at? Libertine just meh [NYDN]
· Cuozzo on AvroKO's Double Crown: 'delight in spite of itself' [NYP]
· Ed Levine down enoung on AQ Kafe to dish out a C grade [Serious Eats]
· Rites of winter: Reconstruction of Celsius in Bryant Park [Eater]
· Peering into future: changes for Midtown, curses for 23rd Street [The Feedbag]
· Everyone is bonkers for new Shake Shack on the UWS [Eater]
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