Tuesday PM Linkage

· Fact: this Upper East Side townhouse will give you nightmares [Urbanite]
· British consulting firm takes over EV's Stuyvesant Polyclinic [Crain's]
· And the Lord said 'Buy': Church snags UWS building for $21.5M [TRE]
· What happens to FedEx trucks when they get towed? TOTAL BEDLAM! [City Room]
· Enter the 34th Street bus lane and suffer the wrath of soft barriers! [Streetsblog]
· 'Poster Boy' subway artist now inspiring copycats [ANIMAL]
· Burg gang wars and Critical Mass Halloween ride might not mix [Restless]
· Old Man Gehry reinvents the library for the kids at Princeton [Bloomberg]
· Just because: Boris Becker's massive tennis academy/resort in the UAE [HC]For more stories from Curbed, go to curbed.com.

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